5 Signs of a Healthy Business Team

Building business teams isn’t as easy as walking through an office and pointing at groups of individuals who sit near each other and yelling “You’re a team!” Nor is it as easy as circling various names or positions on an organizational chart, and then dusting your hands off with a satisfied sense of accomplishment.

No, in fact, creating, developing, and maintaining a team is much harder work. It takes communication, honesty, and trust. Luckily, though, there are some clear signs as to whether a work team is operating as they should.

A Sense of Purpose

One of the easiest ways to take the pulse of your business teams is to survey each member, asking them for the purpose of the team. Check if the responses are aligned or all over the board. While each member of the team relies on each other and may see the team from different vantage points, they all should be pulling in the same direction.

Celebrating Victories

Teams celebrate victories together and share in the success. There’s no jockeying for credit and no politics at play. Even if individual team members may have been less critical to the completion of that particular project, their efforts are still praised.

Learning From Failure

In the same vein, successful business teams don’t resort to blaming or finger pointing when things go wrong. Instead, they huddle up and regroup to figure out where things went wrong and offer honest, constructive feedback whenever needed. They know that failure isn’t a loss if they gain knowledge.

Proactive Team Members

The best teams are comprised of individuals that aren’t waiting to be told what to do. Quite the opposite, in fact, as strong teams jump to action and know their roles on every project. These teams have their own shorthand language, comprised of internal jargon and inside jokes, and, at times, can seem to communicate almost telepathically.

The Importance of Laughing

Laughter is a necessary component of all winning teams. That’s because shared laughter is a uniting force. It brings people together and allows people the chance to loosen up. Jokes and general goofiness communicates that the team does serious work, while not taking themselves too seriously.

It takes hard work to manage one prosperous team, let alone several. However, taking the pulse of your business teams is easy. With some common sense ways of checking in, you’ll know which ones are revving together like a perfectly running engine and which are falling apart.

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